Who are we ?


InSeon provides you with a unique mix of capabilities across- Research, Technology & Analytics to tackle the
most stubborn and painful Customer Experience pain points.We help you unravel the customer needs and derive
actionable insights for teams across the organization. Inseon brings you the most seasoned and talented
professionals, smart product and voice of customer analytics- All focussed on understanding and improve
customer experience, which can provide you a leapfrog over your competitor;s next leapfrog.


  • SenCeX  (Integrated VOC platform)
  • Real time customer feedback
  • Automated and intelligent survey platform
  • Management reporting and dashboards



  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Identify product/process/service gaps
  • Drivers and impact of CX/other metrics on revenue
  • Impact of new product/service rollout
  • Deep Customer Segmentation


  • CX Metric Design (NPS, CES, CSAT, CXM etc.)
  • VOC Program Design
  • Understanding & targeting customer journey /needs
  • CX Governance
  • Website/App optimization



Our team is a envious mix of expertise in Business, Analytics & Technology and has a collective experience of 30+ years in Customer Experience Management (CXM). We are made up of individuals who value empowerment and entrepreneurship and aspire to work in a dynamic, open environment where they can make significant contributions as an individual. Every member of our team embraces accountability, thrives on challenges and is driven by a genuine desire to make a positive difference.

Manu Gupta

Manu is an IIT ,IIM graduate with 15+ years of industry experience in analytics and product management. He was instrumental in building CX metrics and voice of customer program for Flipkart.  

Anand Tuli

Anand is an IIM Lucknow graduate with an industry experience of 10+ years. He has worked with companies like Mu-Sigma, Accenture & most recently Flipkart on transforming CX through Analytics & Tech Solutions. 

Varshul Mittal

Varshul is a an IIT Bombay graduate. Before InSeon he was working with Flipkart where he implement CX governance & executed VOC programs to drive business & product.