Designing and Delivering Enhanced Customer Experiences

InSeon is an independent consulting firm which helps organizations to improve and manage their customer experience. InSeon combines principles of Research, Technology and Data Analytics to unravel the deep and actionable insights to improve customer experience. InSeon offers seasoned and talented professionals, Smart Products and Reusable analytical assets - all focussed on understanding and improving customer experience. Our products and services are designed to suit the needs of organizations across offline and online space.

CX Consulting

InSeon Consulting helps organization identifying the ideal mix of customer surveys and operational metrics to manage customer experience. Our experts on customer experience helps in identifying the experience pain points of the customers and quantify its impact on topline and customer retention

CX Technology

Our product, SenCEx, is designed and build to address majority of the technological requirements of a full fledged Customer Experience Management program. Designed to work standalong and in collaboration with existing system – this tool provides a leapfrog to organizations capabilities to manage, monitor and improve its customer experience

CX Analytics

InSeon Analytics brings in intelligence and evidence driven approach to our CEM program. Using advance statistical tool and techniques, InSeon helps organizations understand customer behavior, its impact on business objectives and how to optimize resource to achieve maximum ROI from your CEM program

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