We help transform your Customer Experiences

We brings In Unique Mix Of Research, Technology And Analytics Skills To help companies grow by improving their customer experience. Our Integrated Experience Platform SenCEx helps companies take their CX to next stage through 3 programs.


Customer Experience Management

Companies who listen to their customers and are responsive to their preferences, create an army of loyal customers who are inelastic to external changes. But its difficult to monitor every aspect  as customers are interacting everywhere, to different people, different departments at different times!  Our product SenCex aggregates all this data across all channels and department then uses deep analytics to get actionable insights



Customer Retention

Knowing the relationships between factors that drive CX makes it a whole lot easier to know what to improve in order to deliver delight  Leverage our churn predictive engine to anticipate poor customer experiences, and predict how customers will react when the relationship with the brand is tested, so you can take preemptive steps to combat churn.


Customer Loyalty

Different customer segments showcase different types of loyalty & respond distinctively to any stimulus or triggres.We help you understand your customer base through 4-D framework & then design a targeted loyalty program to maximize ROI.

InSeon 's 4-Step Framework to Design & Implement Data Driven Loyalty Program


  • Define Business Objectives of Loyalty Program
  • Eg. Increase Customer LTV, Reduce Customer Churn, Grow Share with most Profitable Customers etc.


  • Customer Segmentation to understand customer Base
  • Identifying parameters which drive loyalty in each segment


  • Design program fundamentals based on behavior of segments
  • Integrate the best elements of Cult, True and Mercenary Loyalty together into a multi-loyalty strategy



  • Measure quantifiable financial metrics against the investment required to design, launch and operate the program
  • Fine-tune the rules of loyalty program to optimize ROI